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Payment & Terms

Payment Suggestions from Top China Tour

Due to the payment-collection channels currently available in China, Top China Tour accepts payment in the following two ways.
1) Wire Transfer (regular bank transfer)
2) Credit Card or Cash (for incidental or extra charges after arrival in China)

Pay by Wire Transfer
1) Here are our account details for your wire transfer
Our Bank:
Beijing Xingfuguangchang Sub-branch
Bank Address:
No.38-3,Chao Yang Qu Sanlitun Xingfuercun, Beijing, China
Account Number: 
8170 1778 3108 092014 (USD)
8170 1778 3108 092038 (EUR)
8170 1778 3108 092012 (GBP)
Company Name: 
TCT address:
161, Xiangye Tower, 17 Chaowai Dajie, Beijing 100020, China

2) When you make a transfer please fax the bank receipt to us at Top China Tour.
The fax number is: 0086 10 6580 4282

Please enter our full name as Top China Tour Co. Ltd. (TCT) when you transfer the money. It may take between 5 days and 3 weeks for a wired payment to reach us. Therefore, we do not accept payment by wire transfer if you are paying us within 20 days of the end of your holiday.  

Payment by Credit Card Authorization Form
Top China Tour accepts payment by credit card subject to bank authorization. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card and JCB cards, but not debit cards.

At this moment in time we DO NOT accept online credit card payment because China’s e-commerce infrastructure is not yet considered sufficiently safe. Your card must be handed to and we will produce a payment slip from our POS machine. A 4% bank charge is added to your payment to Top China Tour. china travel china tour


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Pay by Wire Transfer
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Payment by Credit Card Authorization Form
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