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Kunming is named the “city of eternal spring” for a temperate climate and flowers blooming all year round. The capital of Yunnan has more to offer than most provincial cities, with its unique history, its many attractions, and its overall atmosphere. It is among China’s most developed cities, but has been careful to translate that prosperity into keeping the city and its surrounding area beautiful.


Kunming is on a plateau surrounded on all sides by the Wumeng mountains, except for where it faces the Dian chi Lake, Yunnan’s largest. It is the warm monsoon air of the Bay of Bengals, and the cool breeze and moisture of the mountains that is cause for Kunmings comfortable temperatures. These conditions made it the choice for the1999 International Horticultural Exposition, housing displays from all the provinces of China, Taiwan, and 34 countries. Exhibition of flowers, however, are everywhere to be found, both the carefully kept and the naturally beautiful sites to see including the 1,000 year old Yuantong temple of the Mahayana, Theravada, and Tibetan sects.

From the people, to the sights, to the cuisine, Kunming is a must see, especially if in the south of China. It is also an excellent gateway to Vietnam, Loas, Burma, and the rest of Southeast Asia.

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