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 "Lijiang is rarely known to the outside world. It is the ancient Naxi Kingdom in south China which is almost forgotten..." written by Peter Ku half a century ago. As a matter of fact, Li Jing, the Vice Governor of Yunnan in the Yuan Dynasty admired 700 years ago, "The snow mountain in Lijiang is rarely found elsewhere in the world for it resembles thousands layers of piled up jade..." Xu Xiake, the great traveler of the Ming Dynasty traveled thousands of miles to Lijiang, the journey took him innumerable days and recorded the most brilliant chapters of his travelogues.


The ancient Dayan Town of Lijiang has a history of over 800 years. The Town is well-known to the world because "each of the household is built by the stream and surrounded by willow trees". Therefore, Dayan Town is praised as the "Oriental Venice" and "Suzhou on the Plateau". Dongba sculptures of Lijiang were written in pictographs which are the only living written language of its kind in the world.In the Baoshan (Mountain of Treasures) Town, all people of the village live in a world of stone because almost everything there was carved out of stones. Baisha Murals in Baisha village have been listed for national-level protection of historic relics.


The natural and humanistic scenes of Lijiang have drawn many keen-sighted personages. It is no wonder that Li Lincan, the former Vice President of Taiwan's Imperial Palace Museum "got such extraordinary thoughts in his old age when he came to this land of never-melting snows", and wrote his voluminous books Magnificent Jade Snow Mountain and Thoughts Roaming the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

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