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Urumqi city located in the middle--northern of Tianshan, the south edge of Zhunger Basins, The average elevation of Urumqi city is 800 meters, belongs to semiarid continental climate of middle temperate zone.The city has jurisdiction over seven zones and one county , the total area is 12000 square kilometers, among which the city program area is 1600 square kilo- meters and the established area is 82 square kilometers.
Urumqi is a multi-national city, where there are 43 ethnic groups headed by the Han, the Uygur, the Kazak, the Hui, the Mongolian and etc, with a total population is 1548 thousands up to the end of 1998 year, of which minority nationality makes up 27.3 percent .

The distribution of population is characteristic of "Big City, Small Suburbs", which the agricultural population only makes up 13 percent of the total one.

Urumqi has plenty of natural resource in its jurisdiction. The area of glacier and nevermelting snows covered on the peaks of Tianshan Mountains. Their storage of water in solid is 6.2 billion stere, and it is called Solid Water Reservoir and Source of life. There are over 10 billion tons of coal reserves in underground.


.Xinjiang Regional Museum

.Da Bazar - The Big Bazaar, a traditional Islamic market area

.Hongshan - Red Mountain park

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