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Kashgar (Kashi) is situated in the southwest of Xinjiang. From the west, this is the first point of arrival on land routes from Pakistan and Kirgyzistan.  For a long time a vital stop on the Silk Road, this remote city some 4,000 km from Beijing, used to take up to six months to reach from the capital! This all changed in the 1930s when Kashgar became a crucial meeting point for three empires- the Chinese, the British and the Soviet Union. A haven for spies and housing some fabulous consulate buildings, this city was used as a bastion by the Brits looking west towards India, and the Soviets, thought to be plotting to absorb Xinjiang. In 1935, the city was effectively run by the Soviets until WWII when it came back under Chinese control.


.the Mal Bazaar is the livestock market, where locals from all the surrounding villages come to town on that day to buy and sell animals.

.Id Kah Mosque - first built in 1442, it is very distinctive for its yellow walls and Central Asian architecture.

.Tomb of Abac Hoja - massive, elegant building created in 1640 in a typical Islamic style. Also a pilgrimage site.

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