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 Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and renowned "Holy Land", lies on the middle reaches of the Lhasa river. It has an average elevation of  over 4,000 m thus is considered the nearest place to the sun. It is a holy Land for the presence of the Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery and Jokhang Temple surrounded by Barkor Streeet.

The long list of monumental changes Lhasa has witnessed over the past 40-plus years include: a population increase from 30,000 to over 140,000 people; urban expansion from a mere three square km to 45 square km; completion of 2.4612 million square meters of structural construction, up 11-fold on the figure for the 1950s; and completion of a highway network linking the city with areas throughout the region and other parts of China.
?Tibetan traditions have been preserved despite the fact that Lhasa is on the fast-track to becoming a modern city. Western clothing is appearing on the streets, but traditional Tibetan clothing remains a popular item. Pilgrims continue to prostrate themselves as they make their way along asphalt highways leading to holy mountains or lakes. Large numbers of pilgrims continue to visit monasteries around Lhasa, and butter sculptures continue to shine like blossoming flowers. Butter lamps burn both day and night and the beautiful, yet mysterious, modern city of Lhasa is still strongly tinged with traditional flavor.

 The total population of the city is around 373,000 and the total population in the urban area only is close to 130,000. People of 31 nationalities live in the city and Tibetans take up 87% of the total population. Lhasa is located in the valley of Lhasa River, a branch of Yarlung Tsangpo River. It is 3,658 high in altitude. The city has jurisdiction over 7 counties and one district with an area of 300,000 square kilometers. The total area of urban section is 523 square kilometers.


. Perched atop Marpo Ri (Red Mountain),and named after Riwo
Potala in India, holy mountain of the god Chenresi,the Potala
Palace is dazzling both inside and out and an enduring
landmark of the city of Lhasa.
. The Jokhang Temple-the holiest temple in the Tibetan Buddhist
world stands in the centre of the only remaining Tibetan
enclave in the city.
. Norbulingka(Jewel Park)the Summer Palace of the Dalai Lamas,is
not the top league of Lhasa sights, but worth a look if you've
time on your hands.

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