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  Qinhuai River

The Qinhuai River is the cradle of the culture of Nanjing. The Qinhuai River View Area has been the most flourishing place of Nanjing for more than 1,000 years, which is called "ten-kilometer-pearl-decorated curtains".


The most charming view on Qinhuai River is the boat whose name is "gaily-painted pleasure-boats". They imitate the architectural style of Ming Dynasty. The owners like to hang some colorful balls and lanterns on the boats. At night, the light is reflected into the water and adds much vitality to Qinhuai River.


Since Ming Dynasty, Nanjing local people like to go to Qinhuai River to enjoy the Lantern Festival. The evening prospect on the bank is very pretty; the light from the boats is charming; the gentlemen are fond of reciting the poems or singing songs in the boat; the girls, however, lean upon the balustrade to whisper…the small boats berth on brilliant Qinhuai.


River with the luxurious dream fully loaded with songs, laughter and happiness.


Following Mr Zhu Ziqing, please rent a boat and row to the depths of Qinhuai River to touch the rose-coloured history. At that moment you will realize what Mr. Zhu said, "Why the boats on Qinhuai River are more refined than those of other places is just because of the history of Nanjing." And you will find that all the space under the river, on the bank and in your heart will be filled up with the impression of the history.

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