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  West Lake

The West Lake scenic zone lies in Hangzhou City in northern Zhejiang Province, encompassing an area of 6 square kilometers. West Lake is an elliptical landscape with a water surface of 5.66 square kilometers, and a circumference of 15 km. Its famous scenic spots comprise Su Causeway, and Bai Causeway, which have partitioned the Lake into inner, outer and back lakes, Gushan (The Solitary Hill), Xiaoyingzhou (Small Fairy Island), Huxin Ting (Mid-lake Pavilion), Ruangong Dun (A mount after a provincial governor Ruangong) etc. In combination with the surrounding hills and streams, they make up the West Lake beautiful scenery.

The scenic zone shrouded in luxuriant vegetation is dotted with myriad of halls, towers, terraces, pavilions, pagodas, grottoes and temples, which were barely visible under the dense foliage of surrounding woods. The lake is embraced by emerald hills covered with lush forests, grotesque rocks, gullies and intriguing streams. They are so colorful and picturesque!

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway

It's a 2.8 km. long boulevard cutting across the south-north scenic area, and lined with trees and flowering plants. When spring comes with crimson peach blossoms and green willows; the scenery is all the more charming. Strolling along the boulevard, one feels as if the West Lake were wakening in dawn mist. Young willows were ethereal, spring breeze so caressing, and birds were chirping in unison.

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon
Being one of the Lake's three islands, and with pools within, the scenic spot covers an area of 7 hectares. Buildings on the island include Xianci (Temple of Outstanding Men), Jiuquqiao (Bridge with 9 Twists), Yingcuixuan (Room of Ushering In Greeness), Muxiangxie (Pavilion of Wood Fragrance), and Huaniaoting (Hall of Flowers and Birds). Pavilion of Tablet inscribed with "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon" etc. By the side of the island, stand majestically three stone pagodas over the gleaming and rippling lake. The two-meter high pagodas seated each on a circular stone foundation are ball-shaped in the main body with a surface of 5 round holes orderly arrayed and relief sculptures of designs upon it, and topped by a gourd-shaped head of fine workmanship. A bridge links the southern and northern parts of the island. Pavilions, terraces, rockers and flower gardens scattered around the place. Here blossoms vary with the seasons: magnolia, lilac in spring; crape myrtle, lotus flower, water lily in summer; orange osmanthus in autumn, and winter sweet in winter. 

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