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  Temple of Soul Retreat

The Ling Yin Si is the most ancient monastery in Hangzhou. It is situated to the west of the West Lake and in between the Northern Peak and the Fei Lai Feng (Peak that Flew Over). It was built in the first year of Emperor Xian He of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (326 AD) which is otherwise known as Yun Ling Monastery.


In the final period of Five Dynasties, rooms of monks alone were of 1300 odd and it was claimed to have 9 buildings, 18 pavilions and 72 halls, a scale you just imagine. Today, buildings inside the monastery are Hall of Heavenly King, The Precious Hall of the Great Hero, the Chain Lamp pavilion and the Great Mercy Hall etc.


The Fei Lai Feng is situated to the east of Ling Yin Si. Isolated from others, its stone quality is totally different from that of surrounding mountain groups. It is 167 meters high, on the peak of which there are many grotesque stones in the shapes of charming dragon, prostrate tiger, walking elephant and scared ape. The colour of the stones is also queer, green touched with purple, shining and slippery to the full tastes of visitors.

The biggest Budha image of the Fei Lai Feng is Maitrey with cloth bag on shoulder, otherwise known for Budaha of joy. With exposed breast and belly, it sits on cliff along the brook, laughing from Northern Sung (960-1127) up to now. Besides, there is image of King Da Li Ming with three heads, eight arms, and stripping to the waist, colorful crown on head and pearl and jade necklace on neck, a superb one in the statues of the Yuan Dynasty. 

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The Ling Yin Si is the most ancient monastery in Hangzhou.
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