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China Grand Canal begin at its northern end in Beijing, follow the canal south through Shandong, and detour to Qingdao to sip beer on the beautiful beaches. Trundle on to Nanjing and stroll down broad boulevards in the historic southern capital. Breeze through Wuxi and watch bamboo junks sail by from the shores of Taihu Lake. China Grand Canal meanders past Suzhou, which is a city of canals dubbed the "Venice of the East," itself, where you can explore luxurious classical gardens. Cruise the Grand Canal to the earthly paradise of Hangzhou, indulging yourself in silk and tea shopping sprees. Head east to experience the canal-lined streets of Shaoxing, and then hop a steamer into the East China Sea to the fantastic little Buddhist island of Putuoshan. Adjourn in Shanghai to admire the Bund's European architecture and to do what everyone really goes to Shanghai to do shop. Suzhou and Hangzhou are connected by the Grand Canal, a voyage totaling 146.6 km. Feast your eyes on the enthralling waterside village scenery, typical of the areas south of the Yangtze River as you sail along this route. In Nanjing, Wuxi or Yangzhou, dragon boats and pleasure boats provide for cruises on the Grand Canal - Yangtze River - Taihu Lake Tour.

Grand Canal


China Grand Canal begin at its northern end in Beijing, follow ...
Humble Administrator's Garden


The beautiful waterside City of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province
The Garden of the Master of the Nets


Sometimes the smallest package can contain the most magnificent...
Zhouzhuang Water Town


One of the most famous water townships in China.
Tongli Water Town


A famous ancient site of rivers and lakes.
Luzhi Water Town


Luzhi is an old but extremely beautiful water town.

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