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Yunnan Landscape & Photography Tour (13N/14D)



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Yunnan Landscape & Photography Tour (13N/14D)

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Day 1 Kunming Arrival (No meal)
Arrive in Kunming, known as the "Spring City," Kunming boasts some of the best weather in China. Transfer to the hotel for a rest or to explore the culture of the city on your own.
1 night at Kunming Grand Park Hotel or similar one
Day 2 Kunming-Dongchuan (B/L)
Transfer to Dongchuan, which boasts high mountains and deep ravines, resulting in unique landforms and landscapes, among them Dongchuan Red Earth is a special feature and loved by professional photographers. Visit the Shuipingzi Moon Field, followed by a visit to the Huashitou Village, where is the best place to see a vast, typical red soil scene (109km marker). Here mountains and fields display different shades of red -crimson, magenta and rusty red. Then stop at Huagou, and take Sunset Photo at Luoxiagou.
2 nights at Guesthouse in Dongchuan (the best one in that area) 
Day 3 Dongchuan (B/L)
Set off at 06:00am, head for Damakan, a view point about 9km away from Huashitou along a bumpy dirt track, which is one of the photographers' favorites. When the light comes out, the small village gets busy, a sunrise shooting at Damakan is a must; then go to Dafengkou to visit Grand View of Red Soil; in the afternoon, continue your photo shooting trip to Lepuao, Dawotang and Luoshuaiwan, then a Sunset Shooting at Waliang House.  
Day 4 Dongchuan-Shilin (B/L)
Photo Shooting of Sunrise at Damakan, then continue the shooting journey to Qicaipo, the Jinxiu Garden and some other lovely places; in the afternoon, drive to the Stone Forest, which is the only Karst Landform Scenic Spot in the world. 
1 night at Shilin Hotel or similar one
Day 5 Shilin-Luoping (B/L)
After visiting Forest Stone in the morning; transfer to the County of Luoping, located in eastern Yunnan, it is famous for its spring time scenery. When the fields of canola plants in full bloom, surrounding the mountains with a blanket of golden flowers, it attracts many photographers. Upon arrival, visit the Jiulong Waterfall and watch the Sunset at Luositian.
1 night at Cloud Dream Hotel at Luoping or similar one
Day 6 Luoping-Puzhehei (B/L) 
View Sunrise and take photos in Jinjiling; then drive to Puzhehei, which is known for its rural scenery with a combination of mountain peaks, valleys, lakes and vast fields of wild lotus. The lotus against green mountains, clear lake water and blue sky is really a site to be visited. Upon arrival, go to the Puzhehei Scenic Spot, Yi Village and Swan Lake.
1 night at Lanyunju Guesthouse or similar one
Puzhehei Scenic Spot
Day 7 Puzhehei-Jianshui (B/L)
Visit the Qinglongshan Mountain; transfer to Jianshui. It is known as a county with a glorious tradition, boasting a number of cultural and historical relics, known as a "museum of ancient buildings", it has over 100 temples and more than 50 various old bridges.
1 night at Hanlinyuan Boutique Hotel or similar one
Day 8 Jianshui-Yuanyang (B/L)
Visit the Confucius Temple and the Zhu Family Garden, the Garden has 42 courtyards and has become famous for its elaborate and grand residential gardens, which was built during Qing Dynasty by the Zhu brothers whose family was influential in the locality. After that, vist the Purple Pottery Workshop; then drive to Yuanyang and en-route visit Lengtang Market.
2 nights in Wanji Holiday Hotel or similar one
Day 9 Yuanyang (B/L)
View of Sunrise at Duoyi Tree, then visit the Shengcun Market and the Arzeke Village. In the late afternoon, go to the Bada Terrace for Sunset Shooting. Many photographers said “For a traveler, if you don't go to Yuanyang and Yuanyang will be sad for you; for a photographer, if you don't go to Yuanyang and God will be sad for you”. Almost every traveler comes to Bada Rice Terraces for the magnificent sunset view.
Day 10 Yuanyang-Jiangcheng (B/L)
Transfer to Jiangcheng (app. 7-8 hours), en-route enjoy the view of the vast and constant rice fields. Yuanyang is very famous for its spectacular Hani Rice Terraces, part of the area in Yuanyang owns the 45th World Heritage Site in China. Each year, a crowd of photographers are attracted by the spectacular view of Yuanyang for photo-taking of sunrise, sunset and sea of clouds etc.. Upon arrival in Jiangcheng, transfer to hotel. 
1 night at Tianhao International Hotel or similar one
Yuanyang Rice Terrace
Day 11 Jiangcheng-Pu'er (B/L)
Drive to Pu'er (app. 4-4.5 hours), Pu'er city is bordering Yuxi, Xishuangbanna, Lijiang and further shares borders with Vietnam, Laos, and Burma, and the city is a popular place for tea lovers. The China Pu'er Tea Exhibition Garden offers you a great experience in vast tea gardens; then pay a visit to the Ancient Tea and Horse Village of Ning'er.
1 night at Pu'er Jinglan Hotel or similar one
Day 12 Pu'er-Menglun-Jinghong (B/L)
Drive to Menglun (app. 2.5 hours), visit the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden, which is one of the major attractions in Xishuangbanna. It is the largest tropical botanical garden in China and boasts more than 3000 species of tropical plants covering an area of 900 hectares forming a colorful botanical landscape. Afterwards, transfer to Jinghong in the afternoon and on the way to your hotel, visit the Olive Dam Dai Village.
2 nights at Crowne Plaza Xishuangbanna or similar one
Day 13 Jinghong (B/L)
Visit the Wild Elephant Valley, which is the most fascinating forest park known for primeval tropical rainforest and flocks of Asia wild elephants. It is said that this is the sole place where currently about 130 wild elephants frequently show up here. After this visit, you can continue your trip for a visit of the Mengshe Buddha Temple.
Wild Elephant Valley
Day 14 Jinghong-Kunming (B)
Morning visit the Manding Park and surrounding markets, the park is often called "spring joy" meaning soul park by the Dai people. It used to be the Royal Garden of the Dai King. The grandeur and calmness of the general Buddhist Temple is very impressive. After that, transfer to airport and fly to Kunming (appr.1 hour). Upon arrival, continue your onward trip on your own arrangement. 
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